The Global Slowing Research Coalition

List of Articles:

Global Slowing is Manmade and Dangerous by Dr Kohr E. O'Lis, PE, PhD

Global Slowing:  An ecological disaster by Dr Gyr Ater

Tracking the Movement of The North Magnetic Pole and Why the Movement Began Accelerating in 1972: A Summary of the Effect of Global Slowing on True Magnetic North by Dr Lewis B. Rain

The effect of the loss of earth's rotational energy on the orbits of all geo-stationary satellites and exertion of the moon's wicked gravitational perturbations by Dr Gyr Ater

A global compendium of related events in 1972 and what governments may have known by Dr Linn Xie

Fear of Big Freeze as Scientists Detect Slower Gulf Stream-The Independent

What time is it? No one knows for Sure - The Guardian

GPS is unaffected by the addition of a leap second - Global View by Richard Langly

Read the official memo announcing the 2005 Leap Second

BBC Radio Time's Seventh Pip - claims cause is "tidal friction"

Debate on abolishing the leap second: Pros and Cons

Strong commentary on MSNBC article about the General Accounting Office's scathing report on Congressional lack of oversight and the devastating environmental impact California Wind Power Farms have on native bat populations and bird species, many of which could be endangered! Poignant editorial by our own Dr Gyr Ater with his emotional plea for unification of our efforts.

Hypothesis on global slowing as related to alcohol consumption, with commentary by our own acclaimed associate researcher, Dr H. Ynotna

An exploration and commentary on the 1972 Patent on subterrenes, another astute investigation by Dr Lewis B. Rain

Global Slowing: Driving on the Left is Right.  An excerpt and link to the original article found by Dr Lewis B. Rain

Dr Lewis B. Rain's Top 5 Tips to Change your driving behavior to become personally responsible for easing Global Slowing

Daylight Savings Time:  An observation from Dr Lewis B. Rain

Geostationary Orbits by Dr Gyr Ater

Is Lamar Alexander a Modern Don Quixote? This is a fascinating email debate with some agreement and resolution among noted Global Slowing researchers, Dr Lewis B. Rain, His Timeliness Dr Matt Hu, Dr Gyr Ater, and a political commentary by Dr H Ynotna.

Global Slowing: An Optimistic Dutch Perspective. An excerpt from email correspondence between Dr Ater and Dr van Boz.

January 26, 2006 article in the Atlantic City Weekly, entitled "Tourism Blows". Read all about Atlantic City's 5 new turbines and see how they are boasting of the savings in oil, with no mention of global slowing. I included the article in case the story is removed from their archives.

Windmills:  Curse or Cure by Dr Gyr Ater Abstract: We trace 3000 years of wind-turbine development.
We decry the wanton energy theft from Earth's atmosphere. We recommend reversible wind turbines to restore energy to the atmosphere using available excess power. We suggest a study program for dynamic control schemes, aimed at balancing the atmosphere's kinetic-energy content, so as to stabilize Earth's rotational speed.

Co-located Power Stations, another article by our most prolific writer, Dr Gyr Ater. This article is worth reading, and the accompanying image is not to be missed.

Massive Wind Farm May Endanger Birds,, Thursday, May 11, 2006. This article discusses environmental dangers of an offshore wind farm planned for Padre Island.

"We must not give up the >5000 years old human practice of defining time through Earth’s rotation because of unfounded worries of some air-traffic control engineers"



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