Oh, the evils....
Here's just a small excerpt:

"More oversight needed?
In September, a report by the Government Accountability Office, Congress'
investigative arm, found that the federal government offers minimal
oversight in approving wind power plants. The report urged federal officials
to take a more active role in weighing the impact of wind power farms on
bird and bat deaths, saying local and state regulators sometimes lack the
necessary expertise.

Wind projects have sparked complaints around the country that the windmills
cause noise, obstruct scenic views and kill wildlife, including thousands of
federally protected birds in California.
In Maryland, state officials have sought to limit 420-foot windmills atop
the state's highest mountain ridge because of concerns about the impact to
rare species."
We must all help stop WELGO!
That link's significant to our cause!
"The Truth is Out There, and It Won't Deter Us!"

Dr. Ater

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