Global Slowing Effects on True Magnetic North

Scientists have been tracking the precise location of the North Magnetic
Pole (NMP) since 1831.  Most of its nearly 200 year record shows that the
Pole has a natural chaotic wandering pattern that tends to remain within an
elongated locus of 40 Km wide by 80 Km long.

Since 1972, Canadian scientists have noted that the pole has accelerated in
a linear direction toward True North at an alarming rate.  The pole has
begun to migrate northward at the rate of 40 km per year.  They report that
at the current rate, the pole will pass the
True North axis and be found to be in Sibera within 50 years!
This author believes that the NMP will not migrate so far as Siberia, but
rather that it will eventually come to rest at, or near, Earth's True North.
The cause: Global Slowing.  And it is heading there faster than anyone had

Whether the Canadian scientists understand the cause of this dramatic
migration is unclear.  The cited web site stops short of explaining the
phenomenon.  Instead, the site feebly attempts to quell public fears of the
consequences by implying that this might be within normal behavior; noting
that our earliest data begin only in 1831.

However, the fact that the year 1972 was when NMP's uncharacteristic
acceleration began toward True North is evidently beyond coincidence.  From
that year, forward, worldwide interest in energy conservation led to
construction of man-made structures that transfer energy from the prevailing
winds and into the Earth, against the direction of Earth's rotation.

Simply put, the spinning motion of the fluid portion within the Earth's core
that generates the magnetic field is catching up to the slowing mantle and
crust.  This effect is similar to an off-balance toy spinning top that
stablizes its wobble as is slows down.  As the Earth's liquid core catches
up to the outer layers, the core's spin precession reduces, eventually
arriving at a synchronous spin direction and axis with the outer layers.

Bear in mind that a toy top slows down because of friction with the ground.
Earth is slowing down for the same reason -- that is, AIR FRICTION WITH THE
GROUND!  NMP migration rates are further evidence that Man's propensity to
build ever higher structures, and devices that intentionally transfer wind
energy to the ground are leading to permanent, irreversible changes in
Earth's rotation.

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