Global Slowing is a real planetary THREAT!


We need to Stop the Madness!                                                                                             Think Energy Neutral!                                                                                                 The Truth is out there!                                                         We must all Stop WELGO!


Wind Power Farm sucking energy from the atmosphere
Stop Global Urban Apocalypse!


We are researching:

-The newly discovered threat of the iron jet stream in the earth's core.

-The impact of wind farms.

-The dramatic effect of wind energy loss to ground objects (WELGO).

-Why the U.S. government spends millions building secret machines called  subterrenes.

-Changing the polar inertia of our planet.

-What exactly did the US Government discover in 1972?


 Mission Statement:

 Our core mission is to:

 -Promote public education on the causes of global slowing

-Publicize a course of action to get you involved now

-Support research

-Provide a safe forum to publish global slowing research and related concerns



ESA iron jet stream
As yet unexplained iron jet stream!

Breaking News: 

Global Slowing mentioned in books! Available only through the links below on Lulu for only $8.40 each:

The Monsters of Test Stand B
The book is a novel set at the Stennis Space Center and loosely based on Test Stand B. The story is intended to call attention to the fantastic work being done by the NASA Team there.

A Return to Stennis
An insidious invasion force of extraterrestrials penetrates our government in Washington DC and elsewhere to the point of saturation. Smart engineers at NASA identify the threat and seek to disarm it by any means available. The adventure unfolds and results in a powerful political statement with ramifications beyond the original intent of the patriotic engineers at the Stennis Space Center.

There they go again! Another Leap Second added on December 31, 2016, at 23:59:60 UTC!

Internet CHAOS ensued!
Read this article describing why this rotation change can no longer be explained by tidal friction:

Europe's Swarm satellites detect mysterious jet stream deep underground.

Read this article about the 2012 leap second, sent in by one of our alert scientists, Dr. Kor E. O'Lis, PE, PhD:

Chilean earthquake slows earth by 1.2 microseconds!
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories explain calculations:

The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.

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