Questions and Conspiracies we are investigating:  Results and progress will be updated as it becomes available.

Why has the US proposed to a working group of the International Telecommunications Union that leap seconds be abolished?

Was the June 30, 2012 leap second our last? Why has the ITU now postponed any decision on abolishing leap seconds to at least 2015?

What events in 1972 led to the implementation of the first leap second?

Who chose the standard of 0.9 seconds as a maximum tolerable variation of the earth's rotation to atomic clock time? Why was the focus on .9 and not .7?

Why was the "Official" notification of the 2005 Leap Second issued on July 4, 2005, an official holiday in the U.S.? Was this a French covert action to avert U.S. Government criticism?

What caused the temporary 7 year acceleration of Earth before 2005?

"As the Earth is slowing down compared to atomic clock time, noon is going to come a little later. Earth rotation time is falling behind atomic clock time"

-Tom O'Brian, Chief of the Time and Frequency Division at the U.S. National Institution of Standards and Technology


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