Geostationary satellites and Global Slowing

We must alert the world that as the earth loses its rotational energy,
and its spin rate slows, that the orbits of all geo-stationary
satellites must necessarily be lifted even further from the earth's

As the length of earth's day approaches the time period which we now
call a month, the geo-stationary orbits will approach the vicinity of
earth's moon.

Aside from the wicked gravitational perturbations the moon would exert
upon our geo-stationary satellites in such orbits, we also would be
forced to endure uncomfortably long time delays for the uplink and
downlink travel times of our satellite communications.

If you agree that the fractional-second communication latency of
present-day geo-stationary satellites hinders global telephonic
communication, then just try to imagine the difficulty of holding a
conversation with SECONDS of time latency to contend with!

Going far beyond that yet, as the day slows toward a year, where the
earth would become locked into a sun-synchronous orbit, much as our
moon is presently locked into an earth-synchronous orbit, the whole
idea of geo-stationary orbits about the earth becomes utterly

Unquestionably, we must reverse global slowing.

Gyr Ater, Ph.D


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