Another good bit of research and links from Dr Nairb:

This image clearly shows the dramatic effect of wind energy loss to ground
objects (WELGO).  Although in the caption this effect was identified as
caused by an island, obviously any man-made protuberances are simply
worsening the problem.  In this image, you merely see the effect in the
clouds; however, we must note that an equal and opposite reaction is also
occurring upon the earth below.

The government already has technology to combat global slowing.  The
government has paved the way to build underground dwellings by using top
secret machines called, 'subterrenes.'

Why are they keeping it secret?  Why did they develop this technology?
Building downward is our only hope!

Do they plan to use it for public good to prevent global slowing, or for
self preservation when the fateful day of destruction comes?  Write your
congressman and demand answers now!

Take note that the first patent for subterrenes came out in 1972!

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