Proven and Unproven Theories, Findings and our Basic Tenets on Global Slowing:


Tidal forces from the moon

Does this look like an energy-sucking threatening relationship?


Earth's Liquid Core

Wind farms - The truth is out there. Big wind is to blame for obscuring the truth!

Any mixing of what is internal to the earth with the earth's atmosphere is fallacy. So little is mixed as to be negligible.  Future research will center on cross references from geological sites on active volcano links.

Do you think THIS is causing global slowing?  We think not! It is the windmills, mindlessly and relentlessly sucking the energy out of the atmosphere!




Modest Proposals from GlobalSlowing.Org:

Change the polar inertia of the planet

Accretion of matter from space is natural and we don't want to undo what nature has done, but we need to address the ore extraction industry for disrupting the balance by bringing the deep ores to the surface.

Extraction industries need to increase mountain top mining to smooth off our Earth. We need some computational fluid dynamics to show that if we took 1,000 feet (300 meters) off the top of the Rockies and filled in the valleys to smooth the air flow over the mountain chains it would be one way to undo the damage we have done. Our researchers are building the mathematical model.

Sustainable extraction of wind energy is the solution.  An argument can be made for deforestation on a broad scale.  The timber industry needs to cooperate fully by replanting lower growing species.

Level the Rockies to stop the mountain wind-blow effect!

We are not against skyscrapers, but they must be Sustainable Buildings, ENERGY NEUTRAL!  Sustainable buildings to put back whatever they take out, some method of compensating. Zero impact can be achieved by building turbines on top.  We are trying to protect the atmosphere and allow no negative input of the atmospheric energy balance. We advocate an aerodynamic building concept. The ideal skyscraper will be a low-drag elliptical shape. The downwind side is where you have to force the airflow so it is flowing with the building to cancel any atmospheric energy loss.

Urban planning:
We are strong advocates of subterranean construction. The world is honeycombed with miles and miles of abandoned mineshafts, unused space. This human fascination with building above ground, with nations in competition with each other to build the highest building is short-sighted. We need to switch our thinking to make all building energy neutral, with unlimited underground construction permitted. The UN should declare an immediate moratorium on all non-neutral energy construction.

Tidal theories: elimination of the moon as a scapegoat:

Not only are seagoing vessels taking energy out of the air, what are THEY doing to the water? Have we affected the currents? Is El Nino a natural cycle? This needs investigated. We really need to build submarine supertankers to stop this stirring.  Is sucking the energy out of the atmosphere and the uncontrolled use of ships in the Atlantic stirring the water, sucking energy out of the earth's atmosphere and creating an unpredictable current pattern such as the catastrophic Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami?

Are the Dutch to blame for starting this? You make the decision. The facts are there!

       to    to  to STOP THE MADNESS!    

"It is the camel's nose under the tent...a second here, a second there, and before you know it, is an hour!  People, by nature, are shortsighted and the other world issues pale by comparison of how this will affect our descendents. This is a MAN-MADE problem!" - Dr. Evets Wehttam



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